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Known for our honest, reliable, prompt and professional business IT services since 1998, Einstein IT continues to grow, serving businesses in the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley area including Surrey, Delta, Cloverdale, Langley, Richmond, Burnaby and White Rock.



Owner, MCSE

Founded Einstein IT in 1998 in South Surrey.

Known for his superpower of prompt, smarter solutions and reliable service, Quentin has “solved it all”. He has provided corporate IT for large companies (such as General Hydrogen, Holeys and Great Canadian Van Lines) along with smaller companies in all industries. Quentin loves IT infrastructure projects, and "solving the unsolvable". The IT problems that give most people headaches are the challenges that make Quentin happy to get out of bed in the morning.

Quentin rode his bike from here to California, backpacked through Europe several times and has a life-long interest in all things technical. When not saving businesses, one IT system at a time, Quentin is a jungle gym for his three young boys.



Business Development and Sales

With an entrepreneurial spirit since graduating with his BBA, Ryan has more than 20 years of direct business-to-business and indirect sales/marketing experience. Since 2001 his focus has been in high-tech hardware, software and services. Ryan enjoys assisting businesses to understand how technology can help them achieve specific business outc omes.

In addition to his movie star looks and razor sharp wit, Ryan is really smrt… and humble. In his spare time he enjoys home reno’s and beachcombing for treasures with his wife and two young boys.



Service Corporate, BSc. CompSci

Delving into the world of network security at age 13, Matthew spent his youth exploring network and application security. This wonder-boy genius originates from Ulverston, UK (same as Laurel and Hardy). Known for his superpower of finding creative solutions to long-standing IT problems, Matthew's specialty is system and data security. He was “the fixer” of IT issues in large marketing firms and IT consultation teams.

Matthew has also designed sound for video games and done the odd character voice over. He loves tinkering with technology and can bring you up to date on the latest gadgets, such as "augmented reality".

Mitch Jaehrlich


Service Business and Corporate, CCNA

A programmer and problem solver. He remains calm and curious in the face of issues that make other people's eyes cross and hair catch fire. Known for his superpower of simplifying giant tasks and creating user-friendly systems for non-techies, Mitch will calm your IT stress and pain instantly.

Mitch worked in a recording studio and studied recording and production. He still enjoys creating electronic music with friends. You can find his music on soundcloud and YouTube. Mitch is also a shutter bug and can be found roaming in nature in the Summer, camera in hand, capturing stunning landscape images.

May Pic



May has a love for numbers as there are few things sweeter to her than having a trial balance balanced or a bank statement reconciled. Having worked in the private sector for more than a decade, she has hands on experience in helping her company's clients with all their billing and accounting needs.

May's 5 year plan is to complete her CPA designation and then take her family on a vacation to Paris. Her super power is her lightning fast ability to calculate GST and the highlight of her every day is finding new ways to make her toddler laugh.



Network Engineer, RHCE & MSCE

Jason has worked for major public companies in China, U.S. and Canada. He believes that every problem has a solution, and diligently works to get the job done right away. Whether a small LAN or a full mesh network data center, he’s up for the challenge.

Be it skiing or hiking, Jason loves the mountains and enjoying nature’s beauty. Also, camping is always a yes!



Support Tech, Web Design and Programming

An IT generalist, Steve has a passion for problem solving and designing cloud based solutions to business problems. A web developer expert and digital marketer make him a well rounded Einstein.

In a former life, Steve worked as an in-house IT manager for a technical apparel company and enacted Web Development services across many business sectors including Real Estate sales and marketing.



On-site Technician



Corporate Training

Carol has worked with manufacturing, logistics, HR, broadcasting, professional development and IT. Known for her superpower of keen listening skills, and intuitive responses, Carol understands business concerns and works to keep the main thing the main thing. Quality, honesty and creativity are three of Carol’s top core values and at the heart of all she does.

Besides business development, Carol has a background in HR, corporate training and accounting, which means she's always looking for solutions that keep your workers happy and productive, while managing your bottom line. Carol is a dedicated Toastmaster, avid skier, and a closet musician.

Carol was BC’s Champion of Public Speaking in 2012 and went on to win 2nd in the Semi-Finals of the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking. She is a published author and has a new book in the works. A techie and a people trainer at heart, Carol designed and launched an on-line corporate training program for busy managers.

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Our system proactively monitors your hardware and our team is there to fix problems, often before you are even aware they exist. When you need more, our techs are known for the superpower of fast, smart, relatable response, minimizing your pain and getting back to your work right away. We're known to throw a few handy tips to leave you even more productive than you were before our call. We pride ourselves on maintaining 99.9% uptime for the people we serve.

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