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Proactive, Remote, and On-Site services to suit your business needs.

On-Site IT Services

Some issues can't be fixed remotely which is why you need an in-house specialist. We respond quickly and efficiently, bringing you the right solutions and leaving your system even better than it was before challenges began. Our techs often find a few tips you did not know, that will help you make better use of the hardware and software you're using. We are a full IT service company, handling computer, server and network issues, system design and upgrades, and even voice solutions.

When hardware does break down, we will take the headache and the waste out of your rapidly changing technology decisions, keeping your team connected and productive today and for the long-run.

We grew from 5 employees to over 200+ nationwide and Einstein IT has been there every step of the way. Their proactive approach to IT and immediate response times have kept our business running 100%.

Proactive Remote Monitored Management

You invested in an IT system that works for your team and keeps you competitive in your industry. When that system to runs slow, "hangs" or drops connections, it's like watching money evaporate from your bottom line.

Einstein IT's Proactive Remote Monitored Management catches system conflicts and bottlenecks, hardware issues, malware, data security vulnerabilities and other warning signals before they cause problems to your workflow. Most of these issues can be corrected remotely from our office, with little or no disruption to your day. We will keep your computers, servers and other monitored devices updated and conflict-free without the cost and disruption of an on-site visit.

We also include, at no extra fee, unlimited help line use. We have our own help line button on every computer. If Joe has an issue with his computer or his software is not working the way it should, he simply clicks on that button to connect to one of our "einsteins", instead of interrupting Sally, Angie and Mike in your office, and taking time away from your entire team's productivity.

Our Proactive Remote Monitored Management is available for all your connected devices, no matter where in the world they are located.

IT Consulting

If you want to do it yourself, or if you have an in-house IT technician or team, our IT consultation is perfect for your business. We’ll help you understand your needs and options, and guide you through the hardware purchasing, setup and configuration of your system or network. IT consultation can save your business thousands of dollars by providing you with expert recommendations before you start spending on your next IT implementation.

IT Service & Consulting in Surrey, Delta, Langley, Richmond, Burnaby & White Rock.

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